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Thiruvananthapuram, also known as Trivandrum, is the capital city of God’s own country- Kerala. Not only the capital city, it is also the largest city in Kerala. If you are to visit Kerala, start your trip from Thiruvananthapuram as it is the southernmost district of Kerala. It is also the most populous city in Kerala. Mahatma Gandhi has called Thiruvananthapuram as the “Evergreen city of India” as the city is filled with the waves of low coastal hills. Let us have a trip through the tourist attractions of Thiruvananthapuram.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Let’s start our journey in Thiruvananthapuram with the most famous temple of Kerala, Padmanabhaswamy temple.  The temple is a fusion of indigenous Kerala style and the Dravidian style. The principal deity of the temple is Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is seen in the famous “Anantha shayanam” posture here where he sleeps on the serpent Adisheshan and so the Lord is worshipped here as “Ananthapadmanabhan”. In Malayalam, Thiruvananthapuram means “The City of Lord Anantha”. The Royal family of Travancore finds Lord Anandapadmanabhan as their tutelary. Only Hindu devotees are allowed to enter the temple and they have to strictly follow the dress codes.

Napier Museum

Now let us move to the Napier Museum. The Museum comprises a mixture of art and history. It is about 6km from Thiruvananthapuram. Napier Museum was established in 1855. The museum has got its name from Lord Napier, who was the Governor of Madras from 1866-1872. The museum has a large collection of archaeological masterpieces, bronze idols, historical ornaments, artifacts, ivory carvings etc. The museum also has a Zoological garden and a Zoo to it. You can have a great day at the Napier Museum unveiling the history, wildlife, and zoological views.


Thiruvananthapuram has a rich coastal side. There are many beaches that you can enjoy. Kovalam, Shankhumukham, Veli, Varkala, Poovar etc. You can have beautiful sunset sights from these beaches. These are one of the top attractive tourist spots of Kerala. The beaches are at its most aesthetic beauty at Thiruvananthapuram. You may need a long one day to visit all the beaches in Thiruvananthapuram.


Thiruvananthapuram, being the heritage city, has many palaces that unveil the history of Thiruvananthapuram. Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Palace, Kowdiar Palace, Kanakkunnu Palace, Kilimaanoor Palace, and Koyikkal Palace are the palaces you should surely visit. They are rich in marvelous architectural designs. A few of these palaces have been made museum by the Kerala government so that tourists can have a close look on the equipments, households, and accessories that were used by the Royal families then.

Thiruvananthapuram zoo

This will be very much exciting as you will have a chance to see around 82 species of animals. It is spread in 55 acres of woodland, lakes, and lawns. This is the oldest zoo in India and Asia. There are many more places in Thiruvananthapuram that you should surely visit. Thiruvananthapuram Science and Technology Museum, Attukal Temple, Kuthira Malika, Light House Beach etc. You can have safe, comfortable and affordable trips in Thiruvananthapuram with or Gogocabs service in Thiruvananthapuram. We will pick you from anywhere you prefer and can take you to your destination providing you maximum satisfaction.

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